A Peek Into The Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag!

Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag

Hi guys! A very quick one today as I’m super busy with work at the moment which is really a good thing, actually! The way i’ve been spending money — on skincare, naturally — scares the living daylights out of me (and my poor bank account).

I recently did a little haul on Cult Beauty when they ran their amaahzing Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag offer. The Goody Bag is a recurring Gift-With-Purchase that CB offers a few times a year, typically timed to coincide with the start of a new season. The Goody Bag (although not always an actual “bag”) is filled with a whole handful of deluxe sample sized products and a few full-sized gems as well! My first purchase with Cult Beauty was during the Best of 2016 Goody Bag offer and it had a full-size of May Lindstrom’s Youth Dew (£96).

I thought this year’s Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag (with a value of over £210!) deserved a whole post dedicated to its fabulousness; but I’ll just share what I’m most excited to try:

1. Hannes Dóttir Seamasque* (10ml)
A miracle mask that is formulated with Icelandic marine extracts, spearmint and alum crystal that helps to revitalise lacklustre skin. Full size retails at £79 for 50ml *jaw drops* *pray i won’t like this* *i probably will*

2. Becca First Light Priming Filter* (6ml)
A lavender-toned primer than counteracts dull skin for a brilliantly bright and glowing complexion. Full size retails at £32 for 30ml

3. Odacité Pimples Serum Concentrate* (5ml) — £27.50 (full size!)
A pure blend of black cumin and cajeput extracts that fights congestion and keep pesky blemishes at bay. This is a clever concentrate that is meant to be mixed in with a moisturiser or on its own for an intensive spot treatment.

4. Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm* (15ml)
A rich balm that dissolved makeup and grime without stripping away your skin’s natural moisture barrier. A best seller! Full size retails at £48 for 50ml.

5. Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask* (Cucumber – Deep Moisture, 1pc)
A deeply hydrating mask that replenishes cells with moisturising cucumber extracts. A must-have for dry or dehydrated skin. Retails at £8 for one mask, or £21 for a set of three

6. Verso Super Facial Serum* (10ml)
A supercharged serum containing Verso’s proprietary ‘Retinol 8 Complex” that promotes cell turnover to dramatically slow down the signs of aging. Full size retails at £100 for 30ml

7. The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel* (5ml) — £17 (full-size!)
Keeps eyebrows in place without stiffness or stickiness — a see-through clear gel. I had the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows but I’ll try this first and see how it goes.

8. Sachajuan Hair Repair* (100ml)
I used to have a full-size of this and it’s a god-sent for frizzy hair! Happy to receive a generous deluxe size as it is pretty pricey! Full size retails at £23 for 250ml, £12 for 100ml.

Did you miss out on this year’s Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag?

Don’t worry, I did some sleuthing and found out when they usually release their Goody Bag offers! I won’t lie: I typically time my purchases around this incredible offer — because hello! Why wouldn’t you? I’ve tried so many fab products thanks to the previous Goody Bag… Trust me, it’s definitely worth it!

Cult Beauty Goody Bag releases:
Spring Goody Bag — March
Summer Goody Bag — June
Autumn Goody Bag — September
End-of-Year Goody Bag (Best of) — November

I’m already planning what to buy for the next Goody Bag — lol, it’s all about the prep ya’ll!

Until the next one, xo

this post contains affiliate links. i chose to be a Cult Beauty affiliate simply based on my experience shopping with them. 

Skincare 101: The Basic Skincare Routine

for when you’re first starting out or — if you’re me — when you gone f****d your face…

basic skincare routine

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that a few weeks back, I overdid it with the acids. Two words to succinctly sum it up: holy breakout! Needless to say, it did its job and forced me to tread *extra* cautiously with acids. So, to counteract my overzealousness with acids, I took a gentle approach with my skincare routine by paring it all the way back. Most days, I simply opted for the basic skincare routine that consisted of: cleanser + toner + moisturiser. Easy. 

This is of course modelled after the Clinique 3-Step Skincare System (i know, i know, save your eye rolls). Funny story: the Clinique 3-Step served as the foundation blocks of my skincare routine way back in the day when I first started taking care of my skin. I’ve come a long way since then; I know now how crap those products were, but I still feel a nostalgic pang whenever I see it. Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere…

The 3-step skincare routine seems old-fashioned in this day and age when everyone is enamoured by the Korean 17-step routine. But I do believe it’s such a good stepping stone for someone who’s just starting a skincare routine (like I was), or when they need to go back to the basics when they go overboard (like I did). After all, good skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. I like to think of this 3-Step Basic Skincare Routine as a less-but-better approach. Continue Reading


Lessons from #NoBuyFebruary

lessons from #nobuyfebruary

You guys… I did it! And yep, I am as every bit surprised as you are.

Today’s the last day of the No-Buy and by a miracle, I survived. (can you tell i’m one for the dramatics?) In case you missed it, I decided to join in on the #NoBuyFebruary challenge together with a few brave skincare junkies. The rule is simple (on paper, at least): no skincare purchases for the entire month. I ended up not purchasing anything else (not even clothes!) apart from daily necessities, of course. Not having done this before, it was actually a lot harder than I had anticipated, but here’s what I took away from the no-buy experience.

Keeping Myself in Check

Being on the No-Buy made me hyper-aware of my consumerist/shopaholic tendencies. Seriously, I never realised how easy it was for me to part with my money… on things I don’t even necessarily need. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I caught myself almost giving up on the No-Buy and clicking through to check out, before I snapped out of it. (honestly, it did feel that dramatic lol) And this happened across countless online stores (Integrity Botanicals, Cult Beauty (why of course), Jordan Samuel Skin etc etc). I must’ve had 10 active carts at one point. I went absolutely bonkers but I’m proud of the fact that I kept myself in check and stuck to the No-Buy. Keeping myself in check and not letting myself get too carried away with sly marketing tactics (those bloody gift sets!) employed by retailers is something I’d like to continue practising.

Get Smart

With all the skincare products sitting in virtual carts and being restricted by this No-Buy, it gave me the chance to read more reviews and learn more about the products (what it’s made of, where it’s made and even brand ethics, etc). You guys, I’m over it. I’m over impulse shopping. Especially when it comes to skincare. I refuse to make anymore uninformed, spur-of-the-moment, need-to-fill-the-cart-so-i-get-freebies type purchases. Nope, not gonna do it. In the month of the No-Buy, I curated a list of skincare products I really *really* want to try. Nothing goes on The List without a look-up on the inci list and some research. I figure it would be really handy for when I come across a good sale or deal, so I don’t end up all “now why in the name of all that is sane did I buy this??”. It’s all about the prep, ya know! 😉

Shop Your Stash

I don’t necessarily have a huge skincare wardrobe yet some products do still get neglected or worse, forgotten about. Like when I rediscovered the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum when I had thought I was missing a daytime serum. *face palm* Doing this No-Buy reminded me how important it is to first shop your stash before buying more.

Truthfully, I quite enjoyed (my husband’s card and my bank account probably did as well) doing the No-Buy and whilst I don’t think I’d be strong enough to do a consecutive No-Buy month, I might restrict and keep a close eye on my skincare spending habits. How did #NoBuyFebruary work out for you?

Until the next one, xo