Brand Spotlight: Jordan Samuel Skin

Jordan Samuel Skin

I feel so smug whenever I use Jordan Samuel Skin in my skincare routines.

Only because I feel like I’m part of a super-exclusive club that’s in on the skincare industry’s best kept secret. This stuff is magic. It’s crazy that it’s not bigger than it currently is right now… Like why isn’t EVERYONE using this????

Don’t get me wrong, Jordan Samuel is a well-respected (and well-known) name, especially amongst the skincare community on instagram. His stuff sells out, and people stock up on his products by the bulk. But when I googled for reviews prior to purchasing, I did not find reviews from people outside of the IG skincare community. Not like that’s a bad thing of course, he is after all relatively new on the market — having launched his eponymous line in 2013. The word is (well-deservedly) getting out though. Very recently, a beauty editor mentioned his products which promptly led to Plié being sold out! Y-E-S!!

About Jordan Samuel Skin

There’s so many reasons why I love the man himself — and yes, it goes beyond our shared love for prosecco. His approach to skincare is beautiful. As a former dancer, Jordan takes cues from the beauty habits of ballerinas and pours this knowledge — along with his vast experience as an aesthetician — into his skincare line. His skincare approach is simple and straightforward, emphasising his belief that less is not only more, but better. He considers his line of thoughtfully formulated products (of which there are only three currently — more to come, *squeaks*) as a capsule collection. And ya’ll know how much I love capsules. Ha.

I also appreciate Jordan’s candid honesty and transparency. You only need to look at his instagram page to see just how engaged he is with his customers — answering questions openly and with such grace. In my eyes, he’s set the bar for customer service, especially in the social media realm. (brands need to sit up and learn from him. honestly. truly.) Add to that his brilliant Skincare Talks on youtube, and we’ve got a winner. Seriously, if you haven’t got on to his Skincare Talks, now’s the time: it’s a valuable wealth of knowledge.

Right about now, I’m aware this is starting to sound like a love letter to Jordan Samuel. Well, it is. *kanye shrug* His products are f***ing brilliant: so simple but so f***ing brill!

And you know what’s crazy?

I only started using his products a mere two weeks ago. And as is obvious, I’ve completely fallen head over heels in love with his entire collection.

The Star(s) of the Show

Jordan Samuel Skin PliéPlié Treatment Cleanser — US$24
What it is: A unique gel to oil formula that uses olive, jojoba, and grape seed oils to remove every trace of makeup, while sugarcane, apple and willow bark extracts provide a gentle exfoliation to leave the skin hydrated, soft and absolutely pristine.
Why I love it: Simply put, it’s unputdownable. Honestly, I haven’t gone through one routine without Plié since I got it. I especially love putting Plié on just before stepping into a steaming hot shower. Beautiful.

Jordan Samuel Skin HydrateHydrate Serum — US$29
What it is: An aloe-based serum packed with Hyaluronic acid, stabilised Vitamin C, and hexapeptides combine with cucumber, tamarind, and passion flower extracts to give you healthy, dewy skin all day long.
Why I love it: Like the Plié, there hasn’t been a routine without Hydrate. I think of it as giving my skin a big glass of water to drink, and when I have an acid/retinol night — Hydrate gives my skin a hug and goes “there, there I got you”.  This is fast becoming a skincare necessity for me. The speed at which I’m getting through this is alarming!

Jordan Samuel Skin EtoileétOILe Facial Oil — US$33
What it is: An all-encompassing moisturiser, multivitamin and antioxidant facial oil that contains cranberry seed oil, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as 8 vitamin E groups. Add to that skin balancing Argan and Marula, together with vitamin C ester and CoQ10 and you get an all-round star!
Why I love it: It’s an oil that absorbs beautifully. For me, it works for both day and night. I also appreciate the fact that there is no essential oil in this (not that I’m particularly adverse to essential oils, in fact I love it — but some days, you just want simple straight-up nourishment). I often prefer to go the extra length by adding a moisturiser on top but trust that this oil absolutely shines on its own.

Oops, this turned out to be a much longer post than I had intended. But what’s a girl to do when she’s found a skincare brand after her own heart?

If you didn’t already know, JSS is a direct-to-consumer brand, which means you can only buy products directly from him. This is how he keeps the prices low whilst keeping quality high (thank you). As you can tell, the prices are relatively low especially when you take into account the sheer quality of the products. Jordan’s due to release a few new products over the year — including étOILe with retinol (due to be released in April!!) and Grand Plié.

I’ve got a backlog of product reviews and blog posts in the works (most are still in the draft stages, eeks), but I thought I’d get this one out today as it’s Jordan Samuel Skin Appreciation Weekend (thanks to @antiagingamber for getting the ball rolling!) over on instagram. (if you couldn’t already tell, we really really really love Jordan Samuel — Jordan if you somehow read this: i love you, my skin loves you, we all love you.)

Oh and if you must know, I’m already planning a trip to Seattle next year to get the Signature Facial by the man himself! #priorities
*the convo with the Hubs went a little like this:
me: let’s go to Seattle next year
hubs: Seattle??? why?
me: i want to get a facial
hubs: oh.

Until  the next one xo

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