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New Year, New Living Room

time for a spruce-up all around… 

Yay! We survived the first week of 2017!! *Throws confetti* I feel very much excited for what the new year will bring. For some reason, I feel more settled. Maybe that’s got to do with the fact that Sam’s work will see us in Singapore for the foreseeable future – or the next four years at least. Regardless, I feel settled. And settled is good. I’ve gotten into quite a nice rhythm with work, nice enough that I may soon be open to new clients. I’m even seriously considering changing the blog name and giving the blog a little bit of a facelift. PLUS — and it’s a big-ish plus — we’ll also look into *possibly* expanding the family, but who knows… things very rarely go to plan especially in Eder-land 😉 Continue Reading


Coffee Table Stylin’

…. because it’s a thing now, you guys. Seriously. 

Styling coffee tables sound ridiculous (you mean, coffee tables aren’t actually a leg rest?). There’s even a math to it (something about threes, sections and texture), would you believe? But I have to admit, I’m so into it.

 I’m seriously considering adding a budget in the future solely for coffee table styling purposes. (I felt silly typing that.) I just love how a pretty coffee table can elevate the living space and I’m definitely taking notes for when our finances free up enough to spruce our future home!

Take a look at the gorgeous inspirational images I picked up off of Pinterest and I bet, you’ll find an inexplicable urge to buy a Tom Ford coffee table book, a gold tray, peonies and a porcupine/sea urchin-looking thing:

I don’t know how practical it is, but it’s so darn gorgeous and is sure to impress guests. I’m definitely jumping on this home decor bandwagon. I’m curious, do you style your coffee table? Xo

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images via Pinterest, credits as linked


Home Decor Edit #3: Peaceful Reading Nooks


As someone who’s obsessed with interior design, I’ve got a super long list of must-haves for my perfect home. Right on top of the list? A cosy and peaceful reading nook, of course! My ideal reading corner will be a haven of peace and quiet, cut off from technology (a no iPhone-zone, so to speak); a cosy hiding spot where I can curl up with a cup of hot tea and lose myself in a really good book. Here are some of my favourite inspo I found on pinterest (because, obviously):

{This gorgeous minimalist corner is my favourite! The concrete slab and large window makes this space a winner. It’s also the perfect spot for a bit of yoga. Zen vibes from everywhere.}

{The layering of the framed artworks gives this space a cool vibe.}

{I may never leave this spot, how lush does this look?}

{I’m a fan of the clever use of a bold colour to give this space character.}

What’s right on top the must-have list for your dream home? Let me know in the comments below! Xo

Images via Pinterest