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Acids in Rotation


Earlier last week, I decided to go back to the drawing board and rework my skincare routine to fit in some of my new acid products as well as phase out those that (sadly) didn’t seem to do much. I’m also extremely wary of over-exfoliation — I’ve seen some seriously scary pics of the effects of over-exfoliating; it’s enough to make me think twice whenever I pick up a chemical exfoliant of any sort.   Continue Reading


Brand Spotlight: Jordan Samuel Skin

Jordan Samuel Skin

I feel so smug whenever I use Jordan Samuel Skin in my skincare routines.

Only because I feel like I’m part of a super-exclusive club that’s in on the skincare industry’s best kept secret. This stuff is magic. It’s crazy that it’s not bigger than it currently is right now… Like why isn’t EVERYONE using this???? Continue Reading


Skincare 101: The Basic Skincare Routine

for when you’re first starting out or — if you’re me — when you gone f****d your face…

basic skincare routine

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that a few weeks back, I overdid it with the acids. Two words to succinctly sum it up: holy breakout! Needless to say, it did its job and forced me to tread *extra* cautiously with acids. So, to counteract my overzealousness with acids, I took a gentle approach with my skincare routine by paring it all the way back. Most days, I simply opted for the basic skincare routine that consisted of: cleanser + toner + moisturiser. Easy. 

This is of course modelled after the Clinique 3-Step Skincare System (i know, i know, save your eye rolls). Funny story: the Clinique 3-Step served as the foundation blocks of my skincare routine way back in the day when I first started taking care of my skin. I’ve come a long way since then; I know now how crap those products were, but I still feel a nostalgic pang whenever I see it. Hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere…

The 3-step skincare routine seems old-fashioned in this day and age when everyone is enamoured by the Korean 17-step routine. But I do believe it’s such a good stepping stone for someone who’s just starting a skincare routine (like I was), or when they need to go back to the basics when they go overboard (like I did). After all, good skincare doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. I like to think of this 3-Step Basic Skincare Routine as a less-but-better approach. Continue Reading