Acids in Rotation


Earlier last week, I decided to go back to the drawing board and rework my skincare routine to fit in some of my new acid products as well as phase out those that (sadly) didn’t seem to do much. I’m also extremely wary of over-exfoliation — I’ve seen some seriously scary pics of the effects of over-exfoliating; it’s enough to make me think twice whenever I pick up a chemical exfoliant of any sort.  

Acids in My Morning Skincare Routine


I decided to keep my morning skincare routines fairly simple and keep it to only one acid – primarily, Vitamin C. Having recently done a little more research into Vitamin C for a project I was working on, I am even more certain that a Vit C serum *NEEDS* to be in my AM routine. [sidebar, if you don’t have a vit c serum in your morning routine, get in on it. stat] I’ll be alternating between the Paula’s Choice C15 and the Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum.

Once a week, I’ll directly address congestion issues (typically on my nose, forehead and chin area) with the help of Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid. I won’t be slathering this all over my face but instead focusing application only on problem areas.

Acids in My Evening Skincare Routine


You guys… I finally got my Babyfacial on! Since introducing it into my routine, I’ve gone super easy on the acids and my skin has been receiving it fairly well in the few times I’ve used it. I am currently sandwiching my Babyfacial nights between two “rest days” (I thought it best if I afforded myself a couple of nights off of acids completely, I think of it as a treat night – which simply means major (hydrating) masking).

But of course, my skin needs a little more than just a Babyfacial nudge. Throughout the week, I’ll give my skin a little *zap* with TLC Framboos nights (twice a week), a P50 night as well as a Retinol night (by way of the gentler retinoid formulation from Deciem) to give my skin the anti-aging treat it needs. I’ve also decided to give the whole twice-a-day acid toner a break… I think it may just be a little too much for my skin, personally.

Not sure how well my skin will receive this new acid rotation but I’ll be keeping a close eye for any reactions or improvements. I’ve got my fingers crossed! Until the next one, xo

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