hi, i’m shaqinah. a twenty-something freelance content marketing specialist. i primarily work with fashion & beauty companies creating content that converts, writing marketing copy and managing my clients’ social media presence. i’m lucky enough to say i love what i do!

intoeder chronicles a glimpse of my journey as i find my fashion voice, discover beauty treats and seek a balanced life (whatever that means). here, i also share some of my current obsessions (right now it seems to be all about skincare and home decor).

i love baking, reading harry potter over and over again, fashion magazines, spending time (and money. lots of it.) on my skincare rituals, and working out. i also enjoy head rubs and creating imaginary indulgent shopping carts on my favourite online stores. i believe in nourishing mind + soul + body through the practice of yoga — it gives me the opportunity to slow my mind, and i cherish it.

a little disclaimer:
i very rarely post sponsored insertions (paid for by brands) and on the rare occasion that i do, it is duly disclosed in the post. some posts may contain affiliate links, any affiliate link used will be denoted with an asterisk (*). most — if not all — the products i feature on my blog are happily paid for by me. gifted products will always be disclosed and you can be sure that every opinion and review on this blog are all authentically me.

if you have any questions or just want to say hello, get in touch with me via shaqinahf(at)gmail.com

p.s: for more of my skincare routines and beauty bites, follow me on instagram @intoeder