Valuable Skincare Lessons

three incredibly valuable skincare lessons so far…

skincare routine lessons

Hi guys! I recently started a fresh Instagram page to share my skincare routines and my favourite finds. {follow here, if you haven’t already} I stumbled upon an interesting photo challenge hosted by two lovely fellow skincare addicts, @antiagingamber and @morethanjustskin, called the #JanuarySkinChallenge and today’s [Day 16] prompt is “Skin Tip“. This got me thinking about all the research and reading I’ve been doing since I decided to fully revamp my skincare routine. Through some incredible resources (I’ll be sure to share links in another post, promise!), three skincare tips I learnt stood out to me, and I thought, hey might as well share all three today… Continue Reading


New Year, New Living Room

time for a spruce-up all around… 

Yay! We survived the first week of 2017!! *Throws confetti* I feel very much excited for what the new year will bring. For some reason, I feel more settled. Maybe that’s got to do with the fact that Sam’s work will see us in Singapore for the foreseeable future – or the next four years at least. Regardless, I feel settled. And settled is good. I’ve gotten into quite a nice rhythm with work, nice enough that I may soon be open to new clients. I’m even seriously considering changing the blog name and giving the blog a little bit of a facelift. PLUS — and it’s a big-ish plus — we’ll also look into *possibly* expanding the family, but who knows… things very rarely go to plan especially in Eder-land 😉 Continue Reading


New In: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

first impressions on this mahooooosively ‘cult’ beauty product…

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

I had a super brief dalliance with oil cleansers (one of those Shiseido ones that I stole from my mom). I must’ve been about 17 then, with absolutely no clue on how to use oil cleansers. It felt so wrong on my skin and it broke me out, needless to say, I never looked at an oil-based cleanser ever again…

Until now. Continue Reading